The Throne fire and the Pipe fire both have the unique airflow system designed by us. The significance of this design results in unblock able airflow, contained ashes and probably the safest fire on the market.

The air goes in through the pipes, which is also the grate, and out through the slots cut in the underside of the pipes enabling a continuous airflow critical not only to a successful fire but also successful cooking as these fires can also be a BBQ and a fish smoker. 

The bodies are all made of 2.5mm stainless steel.

The air flow system is unique to Whiplash Products Ltd, it is unable to be blocked, this system cannot have air flow restricted so the fire is always burning at it’s full capacity.


If there is any concern that the investment required to buy one of the these fires will result in a rusty item sitting behind your shed, rest assured that this won’t be the case.

(Please see the list of accessories you can either purchase as a set or individually).


All fires are tested before sale to ensure quality.

Whether placed in a tray or on sand, gravel, or concrete, the fire’s ash is contained to prevent blowing. An optional spark guard, which doubles as a grill, can be placed over the fire to dampen sparks, allowing for worry-free use.

The BBQ efficiently burns fats and oils, while the fire can envelop the food, imparting a delicious woody charcoal flavor. Choosing the right wood enhances flavor further.

Optional graphic designs for the fire’s back are available at no extra charge. Custom designs incur additional costs. The Throne 600 offers a wider, slightly larger version.

(Featured image: The Throne 400)


A simple light weight fire that could be placed anywhere. 

The beauty about this fire is it is one piece so it is easily carried out the back of the house/farm, up the river or down on the beach. It is a relatively safe and easy fire where you can enjoy the BBQ hot plate followed by an ambient or roaring fire! 

A great way to have a few beers/wines, stay warm. Throwing on the BBQ plate for a quick snack is moments away.

As the body gets quite hot any BBQ plate run off burns away so it stays quite clean. Alternatively the grill can whip up a pot meal and a wok fits in perfectly!


A statement and a significant piece whether it is lit or not!

The body is 2.5mm stainless and the foot base and fire base is 5mm stainless. The stabilizer ring is 16mm round bar.

Once the fire gets a good base you can use the embers to throw a few potatoes in or order an additional rack made to suit for grilling meat or pizza stone.

Another version of this fire is available where the fire area is closed off and has a spark guard gate more potentially suitable for on deck situations and pizza cooking.

Explore a variety of grilling experiences with our distinctive chargrill fires and BBQs. Consider more options such as the versatile Bucket, the aesthetically pleasing Basket Fire, and the efficient Hibachi Satay Grill. For more details or queries about commissioning designs, feel free to reach out to John Liddall and provide a screenshot of the product you wish to enquire about.

The Bucket Fire, a portable and versatile fire perfect for on-the-go adventures.

The Basket Fire, blending functionality with an aesthetic appeal that enhances your outdoor space.

Hibachi Satay Grill offers a compact and efficient solution for sizzling delights. Featured above is the Mini Mi and the Weekender.

Check out the examples below to find the perfect style that suits your taste and transforms your barbecue gatherings into memorable occasions

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