Reliable Performance: Our products are rigorously tested to ensure durability for years of fishing.

Berley Dispersion Solved: Traditional nylon sacks and berley devices often lose effectiveness within an hour. We’ve innovatively addressed this issue.

Stable Berley Pots for Shore Fishing: Our design prevents berley pots from washing up onshore, enhancing your surf beach fishing experience.

Customizable Berley Pots: Personalize your Berley pot with your own ID at no extra cost – a true ‘hat trick’ in fishing convenience!

Optimized Berley Release: Through extensive research, we’ve perfected the number of holes in our pots. This design prolongs berley life up to four times in the water, maintaining a consistent and effective trail to keep fish around longer.

Proven Effectiveness: In trials, half-thawed berley lasted over 3.5 hours, with some remaining at the end.

Please Note: Duration varies with berley block size, water temperature, and current velocity. Smaller rolls will disperse quicker than larger ones.


For use from the rocks and the boat.  Shaped as a dropper, long enough to sit right even in rough water.  Robust!

The larger hole in the bottom and customized lid allows you to give it a burst to get a cloud going by picking up and dropping it.  In the boat the sea up down movement will do this as well.

The calculated holes around the side will allow the current to move through the unit at a reduced rate compared to any other pot on the market which are almost fully open and you use a lot more berley or run out fast.


Introducing the Surf Bomb for Beach Fishing!

Unique, Market-First Design: Tailored for beach fishing with a low, flat shape to prevent rolling in surf.

Stable and Easy to Use: Flat bottom for sand anchorage; skid-like tow point for smooth retrieval.

Efficient Berley Release: Slow-release design for effective bait attraction.

Easy Setup: Attach to the drag chain, walk out during rising tide, and let it settle. Ideal for fishing over the back of the rising tide.

Duration: A standard frozen block lasts around 5 hours, varies with block size and water conditions.

Upcoming Feature: Anti-tangle, negatively buoyant rope.

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