Timber Varieties: We offer a range of timbers like Elm, Kauri, Rimu, Macrocarpa, and Redwood, subject to availability.

Personalized Timber: You have the option to supply your own timber or opt for a custom leg base without timber.

Design Options: Our designs range from under-placed legs (as in bar leaners) to framed timber (featured in our coffee and dining tables), with a choice of flat or rounded feet. Adjustable feet inserts are also available.

Bespoke Collection: Our display pieces are examples of what we can create, not a fixed catalogue. We pride ourselves on crafting unique, custom-made furniture.

Consultation for Custom Designs: Contact us to tailor a design that perfectly fits your space, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use.


This timber shown is Elm with 63mm diameter tube legs. The unique characteristics of this design is the “floating” shelf underneath. The round bar foot rests at the ends as a rail rather than tube.


A low large coffee table at 900mm wide x 1500mm long. The materials shown are Australian Blackwood, wrapped in 50 x 50mm stainless steel square tube. The legs are 100mm diameter tube with dome caps top and bottom. This makes for friendlier corners and smoother contact to the floor surfaces making it easier to move. The rails underneath are 30 x 15 square tube.

The dining table is the same basic design as the coffee table, refined. 63mm tube with 50 x 25 square stainless tube frame. Customized gusset supports and domed feet, you can choose your own graphics. The timber is Elm.


The Shimmer Wall: A salute to Bali, where it is a common, artistic way to create an area within a larger space and/or entrance. Traditionally, painted sticks and natural branches are used to craft these effective and practical partitions.

The Shimmer Wall is my version, with movement that brings it alive in a breeze, creating a completely new ambiance in an existing area, whether inside or outside. It serves as a division without invasively blocking vision or light.

Any timber can be used, be it natural NZ native or painted pine; only the intended location should be considered when choosing the timber. The pictured wall is made of Macracarpa, approximately 1.7 meters long by 2 meters high, with 304 meters of 5mm stainless steel round bar. Any length can be ordered, with multiple ‘units’ to achieve the desired shape and effect in your space.


Kitset furniture often disappoints as a temporary, disposable solution. My bed, a 20-year-old prototype, stands out. Its spring-loaded brackets maintain rigidity through countless assemblies. More unique designs are in the works. Consider customizable options like four-poster, round, hanging, or swing beds.

Crafted from robust 40mm x 70mm x 3mm stainless steel RHS, this bed allows personalized dimensions.

Made from recycled Rimu, it features distinctive candle holders, with optional accessories like wine holders and “D” rings.

Many Kiwi’s have a nice piece of timber tucked away in the back of the shed that they acquired or the parents passed down to them. Turn it into a thing of beauty for your home. Customizing Options of wood can be specified to a point as each piece is unique and not all timber is easily sourced. The location of the timber may affect the price depending on freight. The effort will be worth it! The level of “working the wood” will affect the final price. Example is it you like the natural slab look or the slab cut square this process is relatively cost effective. If you prefer to have the refined manicured look this requires, appropriately, more time and effort.

Check out more examples below to find the perfect style that suits your taste!

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